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  2. I feel super awkward when i see posts about the ‘best mom’ yet you tagged the wrong woman… happy mothers day to the legit winner of that contest — with Ann Trippett.
  3. Yep, super trendy. — with Linnea Chambery and 2 others at Aloft Milwaukee Downtown.

    Aloft Milwaukee Downtown

    Hotel · Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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  4. Anytime is Miller Time! — with Linnea Chambery and 2 others at The Miller Brewery Tour.

    The Miller Brewery Tour

    Tourist Attraction · Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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  5. Game time!!! — with Linnea Chambery and 2 others at Miller Park- Brewers Game.

    Miller Park- Brewers Game

    Sports Venue/Stadium · Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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  6. Game time!!! — with Linnea Chambery and 2 others at Miller Park- Brewers Game.
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  7. I play drawsomething with my mother and this morning I got a collection of bow ties, polkadot stripped etc, with one big black one in the center… Completely lost on what she was describing I called her to find out she was drawing “best tie”…. They word was “bestie” — with Ann Trippett.
  8. That is a great profile pic of you two!
  9. I miss you and so does Amy! — with Emily Distler.
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  10. A sign of the recession or a sign of the recession starting to improve? #lastonestanding — with Linnea Chambery and 2 others.
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  11. Loving my morning snuggles with my favorite two week old — with Julia Hoekwater.
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  12. come back. i miss you
  13. i had such a fun time with you this weekend! see you at the wedding! 🙂
  14. The pre bachlorette party, this will not be the last time K and I will bar hop with this little mister — with Anika Ruth Smith and Kristina Trippett.
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Earlier in April

  1. How did your morning start? I’m getting an at home procedure to remove a piece of glass… if that’s not the breakfast of champions I don’t know what is…
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  3. Ah, first game of the season!! Go brew crew!! — with Linnea Chambery at Wrigley Field.
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  4. Linnea, there is a mother daughter golf tournament in NY on July 12 th. Can you stay after the wedding and play in that with me?
  5. Happy Easter Mrs. Chambery!! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!! ♥
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  6. Our first wedding a as a married couple and pretty excited to celebrate 😉
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  7. we watched some home videos tonight and of course we had to watch the ‘joy to the world’ break down video and the ABC remix. JOY TO THE WORLD where’s the baby? JOY TO THE WORLD! Jingle bells DECK THE HALLS.

    yeppp. Love you! I also discovered another one of us cooking.. and another dance party- get excited.

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  8. Happy Half Birthday…I mean one year engagement!! ♥
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  9. Happy 1 year engagement!
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  10. As much as April Fool’s Day is for jokes, I engaged my lovely wife Linnea Chambery exactly 1 year ago!
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Earlier in 2012

  1. I asked Nate today if we were going to do anything special for the anniversary of our engagement tomorrow and he replied “that’s like celebrating half birthdays, talk to me in October”
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  3. I am not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed of what I did this morning….

    So on the amtrack at 7:30am from GR back to Chi there were two women who sat behind me and proceeded to talk as if they were in their living room. I listened for 45 minutes about how an ex boyfriend started texting and then the new girlfriend found out and called and told her to ‘stay away from my man’, how she was ab…See More

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    • Mary Ann Londenberg LaPolla

      That is a great profile pic of you two!
    • Kristina Trippett

      come back. i miss you
    • Jonelle Flood

      i had such a fun time with you this weekend! see you at the wedding! 🙂
    • Ann Trippett

      Linnea, there is a mother daughter golf tournament in NY on July 12 th. Can you stay after the wedding and play in that with me?
    • Anika Ruth Smith

      Happy Easter Mrs. Chambery!! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!! ♥
    • Kristina Trippett

      we watched some home videos tonight and of course we had to watch the ‘joy to the world’ break down video and the ABC remix. JOY TO THE WORLD where’s the baby? JOY TO THE WORLD! Jingle bells DECK THE HALLS.

      yeppp. Love you! I also discovered another one of us cooking.. and another dance party- get excited.

  5. Pedicures :o) — with Rachel Pattison and 5 others.
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  6. My appointment was as a Chambery but my photo ID still said Trippett, this blew the doorman’s mind resulting in a very strange visitors pass…I believe this is my final sign… I need to retire my NY licence.. see you soon IL DMV
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  7. Isn’t it every girls dream is to snuggle up to your snoring husband, after some nighttime reading, only for him to say “Wait who is this?!?!?”….. Lesson learned: never wake a sleeping bear…. — with Nathan Chambery.
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  8. Happy Birthday Linnea!! What a beautiful day outside! — with Linnea Chambery and 4 others at my place.

    my place

    Local Business · Chicago, Illinois
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  9. 79 friends posted on Linnea’s timeline on her birthday.
    March 10
  10. happy birthday!!
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  11. Can you say spare? — with Linnea Chambery at Southport Lanes.

    Southport Lanes

    Bar & Grill · Chicago, Illinois
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  12. What you get to eat for dinner when your wife is home all day — with Nathan Chambery.
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  13. This morning before I head to work I filled my camelbak with ice and water, I usually refill it about 5 times in a day… please look carefully at the bottom of the bottle…where one if my refrigerator magnets is laying… I literally just noticed it
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  14. Nate left an hour ago… candles are lit, wine poured, watching sex in the city, giving myself a facial and painting my nails… I have no idea what I am going to do the rest of the week… I really should have paced myself
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  15. My Valentine — with Nathan Chambery.
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  16. I feel spoilled I got two videos!! Mary Shaw you are far too talented!
    Even a nor’easter couldn’t keep the smiles away from this fairytale day for Linnea and Nathan Chambery! Songs are “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keyes and “Today was a Fairytale” by Taylor Swift — with Linnea Chambery and Nathan Chambery.
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  17. A beautiful video our dear friend Mary put together for us, I have no words but a lot of tears and happy memories from this footage
    A beautiful day for a beautiful couple set to Ingrid Michaelson’s version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” — with Linnea Chambery and Nathan Chambery.
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  18. For my NY friends who are claiming that this is the first snow of the Winter season, well I would have to disagree. Although some of you may have forgotten your Halloween antics, I have not, please feast your eyes on Exhibit A, October 29th 2011… The defense rests – Photo cred Jill DeVries — with Nathan Chambery.
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  19. Photos by — at Coveleigh Club.
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  20. Some of our favorites from the Ceremony that weren’t posted yet, no worries I am not going to post all 900 photos done by the wonderful Jill Devries — at Trinity Baptist Church.
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  21. Its official, if we get through today we will have surpassed Kim and Chris very high standard of a marriage, 72 days, we made it Nathan Chambery, next goal Katy and Russel
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  22. Wedding photos are up! Once I get the CD I’ll post our favs on the book but for now you can order whatever you want here! There are definitely some good ones! password: 102911
    linnea + nate
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  5. November 6, 2011
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  6. snow in new york city in october? you just gotta have fun with it 🙂 — with Linnea Chambery and Nathan Chambery.
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  7. Fashion forward….. (i have no neck)
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  8. The Lord takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Ezekiel 18:23
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  9. Foolish Engagment (15 photos)
    Being the Queen of the April fools joke well I got fooled. For the complete story check out
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  10. Laligag | Fools Gold
    Fools Gold “So let me recap this Mister Chambery. I’ve been sick all week, you guilt tripped me into coming to work today, and into keeping our dinner plans with Pete and Kate, and NOW you are telling…
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  11. Crappy camera phones are just not doing this justice, you have to see it in person! Ps- do you believe me now? — with Nathan Chambery.
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  12. Convinced the love of my life that I’m the love of his. WHAT AN IDIOT! Stuck with me now Nathan Chambery
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  13. 95 friends posted on Linnea’s timeline on her birthday.
    March 10, 2011
    • Jamie Fallon

      Hahahaha, absolutely lady! I am definitely bummed I’m missing Saturday but we’ll go out and party soon!!! Don’t overdo it, YEAH RIGHT!
    • Christopher Ryan

      Ah, happy belated birthday Linnea! hope you had a blast/are celebrating this weekend!
    • Ariel Thompson

      Happy belated birthday, linnea!! Hope it was a great one:)
    • Jenn Paulding

      Woo hoo! It’s your birthday! Have a grrrrrreat time. (Tony the Tiger voice!)
    • Eric DeGraff

      Happy Bday! Hope you had a great day!


  1. My FAVORITE daughter is leaving, I am going to be so upset I don’t even know what I am going to do with myself. PS- she got me the best present of all time, much better than my other kids, that is why I love Linnea Trippett the most.
    82 ·
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  3. We were named the 23rd on the Tribune’s Chicago’s Top Work places list!
    Experiential Marketing | Mobile Marketing | Event Marketing
    Marketing Werks is the Experiential, Event and Mobile Marketing industry leader dedicated to delivering creative solutions that work
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  4. Lunch date with Tanta Linnea! 🙂 — with Linnea Chambery.
  5. Eat it marathon! that’s right, whose got two thumbs and finished? this guy!
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  6. The accounts of the following are the facts but also subject to interpretation, any of the opinions stated below do not represent those of this station and/or any of its partners.
    The Plan:
    Fly from Chi to NY on 9/28
    Fly from NY to Chi on…

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  7. Around mile 2 today I saw a woman in front of me who had a great pace, I made it my goal for the next few miles to catch up to this chick. Finally, after 3 more miles, when I was just about to veer off the lake shore path I passed her. That is when I realized that she was at least 5 months pregnant.
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  8. Dear Linnea, I will credit you for having the most unique and interesting statuses out there…
    1 ·
  9. Hey, so we’re going to go for our 8 mile run tonight. Should be fun. Just follow my lead and don’t question any turn I make. I don’t want to end up running 15 miles by accident…
    2 ·
  10. Please notice how different the shape of this route is compared to the original
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  11. While trying not to make the big girl next to me feel awkward that I could not reach around her for a handle on the El, I lost my footing and fell onto a 75 yr old man’s lap. He was happy with my leapard print underwear decision.
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  12. shouldn’t you just call it off? i mean there is one week left in Lent… What would one little peak on the book do anyways? No one would know…
    31 ·
  13. 55 friends posted on Linnea’s timeline on her birthday.
    March 10, 2010
  14. On Friday Febuary 12th I am moving to Chicago, and for the first time in 2 years and 2 months I will be living in the same city as Nathan Chambery
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  15. MW Holiday party, Out with Amy, Christmas, NYE, Kenny’s Wedding, Chicago and Chicago on Broadway
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  1. On my flight the 11yr old next to me read new moon cover to cover, I couldn’t finish cosmo
    91 ·
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    214 friends posted on Linnea’s timeline.
  5. NYC weekends (43 photos)
    I’m sorry these are waaaaay over due 😉
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  6. Does everyone’s family do this on a lazy Saturday afternoon?
    loin sleeps tonight
    We love you girls and love all of your videos, keep them coming!
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  7. two muffins were in the oven. the first muffin says “whew its hot in here!” all of the sudden the other muffin gasps and says “oh my gosh! A TALKING MUFFIN!”
    yes keanan. this joke is funny. — with Linnea Chambery.
  8. This was such a beautiful wedding, I am so happy for Abe and Julia! I wish I had more pictures from the reception but my camera decided to stop working ;(
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  9. caught nathan humming a song from high school musical
    24 ·
  10. Botanical Gardens (42 photos)
    Mom and I wanted to take advantage of the spring weather and beautiful blooming flowers!
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  11. In a Relationship with Nathan Chambery
    April 2, 2009
  12. 40 friends posted on Linnea’s timeline on her birthday.
    March 10, 2009


  1. Friends
    332 friends posted on Linnea’s timeline.
    • Mike Book

      i hates you!
    • Nathan Chambery

      …you got what i need, but you say i’m just a friend, but you say i’m just a friend… dam.
    • Amy Maselli

      are you doing anything on december 20th? cathy is having a christmas cookie party at her apartment!
    • Jason Porte

      Get a room!!!! How are things in NY?
    • Mary Shaw

      You are gonna be so proud. I am posting on your wall from my new blackberry 🙂
    • Anika Ruth Smith

      Too funny!
  2. That was a great present Linnea and Kristina! — with Linnea Chambery and 2 others.
  3. christmas pictures… none of them are good haha — with Linnea Chambery and 3 others.
  4. 48 hourssssssss

    i’m coming straight from anatomy lab… i will be easily recognized by the stank of cadavers

  5. what day are you going up to nate’s? i get home tuesday night… beers and sex (in the city) if you’re around?
  6. i set up skype so we can videochat tonight- can’t wait to see your lovely face!
  7. 44 friends posted on Linnea’s timeline on her birthday.
    March 10, 2008
    • Addison Reid Coe

      haha, are you going to be in GR this summer?
    • Erik Wilhelmsson

      haha nice, for all i know you could be making that up, but I trust you.. lol how was the bday anyhow? anything cool and crazy? and are you staying in chicago for good?!?
    • Christie Partelow

      hey! Im glad youre doing well! No, not engaged (wish I actually had enough clarity in my life to be engaged), thats just my best friend… we’re dorks!
    • Erik Wilhelmsson

      haha wow you definitely remember it much better than i do b/c i have no clue what you’re talking about lol!
    • Nathan Chambery

      we have a little dilemma… no quarters.
    • Phil DeBoer

      Hope you had a good time with your party. Let’s talk sometime about this marketing tour business, kay?


  1. sexy. i’m gonna miss you. :*(
  2. hey rommie!! i’ve been in canada this week so i didn’t get your phone calls…. soorry but i’ll be calling you back later today when i’m driving forevvvver
  3. Photos
    Tagged in 3 photos with Ann Trippett.
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    • Rachel Pattison

      I just need to tell you that i love my bumper sticker you sent me. Oh man you are crazy awesome! I miss you tons darlin! Hope you are having wonderful holidays!
    • Phil Bouman

      Merry Christmas to you, sorry its a little late.
      I guess ill wish you a Happy New Year as well.
      lol, thanks for the bumber sticker, real nice.
    • Megan Van Vugt

      soo funny i was just thinking about u yesterday and how i needed to talk to u…i am actually flying to Chi the night before so saturday and staying in the hotel a day earlier…i know how flying to chicago can be and i wouldn’t want to be late for orientation on sunday. so if u are coming in on the saturday let me know and u are more than welcome to stay in the hotel with me…we can do some pre chicago exploring haha and yes we should talka bout what to bring!
    • Mike Book

      Excuse me, I haven’t seen you in two years and my life is incomplete because of it.
    • Amy Maselli

      ok, we’ll just get some french fries and regroup
    • Jeremy Rainer

      nice pics, linnea. love the blonde look…how’s everything?
  5. i know! SAD 😦
  6. well i really got a tie…. between a tequila shot and a pint of beer….. which is me… minus a glass of red wine
  7. haha yeah go figure…..EH!!!
    miss you xoxox
  8. miss you roomie! i got your text and voicemail!! i’ll call you tomorrow b/c i’ll be driving for 11 hours….fuck. but we’ll have lots to talk about lovelovelove
  9. hahaha i just read your quotes…. hahaha funny shit
  10. 53 friends posted on Linnea’s timeline on her birthday.
    March 10, 2007
  11. i feel like you love airband more then me…. i miss you
  12. an idiot, she forgot her cell phone in montreal (where her family and she were skiing for the week) and now she can’t call anyone back! she’s sorry!!!


  1. wow we really need to stop meeting like this in the elevator…. i’m exhausted haha 😉
  2. Friends
  3. i love my family.

    please look at nathan. — with Linnea Chambery.

  4. one of these days… i’m going to pretend to die… just to ge you back for that ankle crap!!!!!! haha XOXO
  5. i love you… haha to fun
  6. LINNEA! i miss you and CAN”T WAIT TO SEE YOU! AHHH haha love you! XOX
  7. our mom sent us to school like this. — with Linnea Chambery and Anika Ruth Smith.
  8. LINNEA HOLY CRAP i’m so glad your coming soon cause i’m honestly like going through you-withdrawals! YIPPEPEPEPE oh ps i so miss dancing with you! WUV YOU


  1. Dressed up for Jess’s birthday — with Cora Christiaans and 3 others.
  2. hahaha……freak. 😉
  3. Trifecta: the combination of Linnea, Amy, and Lauren plus a little… special sauce
  4. So i hear things were crazy in NY…im pissed i missed it! DANG IT! But i did get a phone call so that was nice! lol you two crack me up! much love baby girl cant wait to see you again!
  5. WHERE ARE YOU????????? I miss you more than…..nothing is sufficient to say here, because I miss nothing more than YOU!!! I think I’m gonna cry. *Sigh* You are my sunshine my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. PLEASE don’t take my sunshine away!!!! Now all I need is to see you do your crazy head bob with that song. I love you always! ~Jess
  6. haha ok so last weekend in july get your ass in GR!!! were partyin @ kyles cottage, (i thought you knew about it) its gonna be OTC 😉
  7. hey roomie to be!! i miss your crazy ass! don’t do anything i wouldn’t do this summer….lol ~Val~
  8. Rarrrr….you turn me on like no one else does, baby. Oh yeah….:)


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    November 8, 2004


  1. Born on March 9, 1986

    Parent — Lewis Trippett


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